Charity 24 hour challenge – we did it!

We did it everyone! We completed our 24 Hour Charity Challenge in person at the academy and raised over £3000 for EDAN Lincs charity who support those fleeing domestic abuse in the Lincolnshire area!

It was difficult, it was sweaty, it was challenging, it was worthwhile, it bought us all closer together and we loved it!

The day went super quick with a full day of guest instructors coming to see us with everything from traditional jiu-jitsu, to MMA, BJJ and stickfighting being taught! Our last guest session for the night was taught by the awesome Tommy Joe Moore who looked at some survival tactics with us as well as some knife defence. Then the night shift began!

1am high intensity workouts. Bleep tests and police tactics taught by our old instructor Jack who is now in the City of London Police Force. JKD trapping, boxing combos, Muay Thai combos and much much more!

We then finished off with some chilled out Yoga Sunday morning at 8am, and the amazing Bob Breen finished our last session for us at 9am over zoom! What a way to end!

After that it was a quick tidy up and back home for a rest before we head off for a few drinks and food that night.

I’m proud to say that 16 completed the whole charity 24 hour challenge including one of our Juniors, Peter Key who is only 9 years old! Pretty amazing!

We also raised over £3000 for a great charity so I would say, all in all, job is a good one!

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